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Total triumph at the 3rd Best Leg Poomsae Championships in London

The 3rd Best Leg Poomsae Championships in London showcased remarkable talent and dedication from Taekwondo athletes around the world. Among them, Total Taekwondo students achieved outstanding success, bringing home an impressive array of medals.


Blancka’s Golden Victory

Blancka delivered a flawless performance in the individual category, earning her the gold medal. Her strength, precision, and grace were evident in every move, making her a standout competitor.

Eddie’s Dual Medals

Eddie excelled in both individual and pair categories. He secured the bronze medal in the individual competition with a powerful and technically sound performance. In the pair category, Eddie and Naomi demonstrated exceptional synchronization and harmony, winning the gold medal.

Naomi’s Versatile Achievements

Naomi proved her versatility by competing in multiple events. She placed 6th in the individual category and played a crucial role in the pair category, winning gold with Eddie. Additionally, Naomi, along with Erin and Sun Yi, delivered a captivating team performance, securing another gold medal.

Team Triumph: Naomi, Erin, and Sun Yi

In the team category, Naomi, Erin, and Sun Yi showcased unity and precise timing, earning them the gold medal. Their collective strength and seamless execution were key to their success.

The 3rd Best Leg Poomsae Championships were a triumph for Total Taekwondo, highlighted by exceptional performances and numerous victories. Blancka, Eddie, Naomi have set a high standard, inspiring their peers and demonstrating the importance of dedication and teamwork in Taekwondo. Their achievements mark the beginning of an exciting journey toward future successes.

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