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Do I need a Global Athlete/Officials Licence (GAL/GOL)?

Members wishing to participate at any World Taekwondo and European Taekwondo promoted/sanctioned events, will require a World Taekwondo GAL licence. This applies to all athletes (cadets, juniors and seniors) for both Kyorugi and Poomsae events.

Please note: Any British Taekwondo members/coaches/officials wishing to participate at any of the events stated above MUST have a World Taekwondo GAL/GOL licence.

How do I apply for a GAL/GOL licence?

Total Taekwondo apply for GAL/GOL licences on behalf of British Taekwondo members and coaches. All applications must be submitted through a British Taekwondo affiliated club, via the lead coach/secretary (the member/ parent will not be able to apply to British Taekwondo directly). GAL/GOL licences are £45 each for one year. This cost will include the World Taekwondo Global Membership and World Taekwondo Global Licence and admin fee.

Please fill out the application form then make payment.

You will need to provide the following as attachments to the form when making an application:

  • A colour portrait ID photo of the applicant member.

  • A scan of the applicant member’s valid passport.

  • A scan of the applicant member’s Kukkiwon certificate/card (Dan/Poom).

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