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Sharing experiences in Moldova

I once again visited Dmitruc Club in Chisinau, Moldova, and it was fantastic. The warm welcome and the chance to train and coach with the team was refreshing. As a coach, I also picked up some great new drills and ideas from their experienced team. It was a blast connecting with Dmitruc Club and learning from each other. That's what makes the martial arts community so special – the constant exchange of knowledge and camaraderie.

Until next time, keep training hard!

Once again it was great to see the athletes growing since the last time I visited 6 months ago, The athletes are very active in the competition scene. As they are competing all over Eastern Europe every other month!

The one thing I always compare training in Moldova is the effort levels, Coaching style and the overall standard of students. The way they train in Moldova is very different to the way we train in the UK. The first difference is, No Parents, Parents are not aloud to sit in and watch each session and is strictly a drop off and pick up. The second major difference is physical and mental toughness. I always love seeing and training in Moldova, it is a great source of motivation and ideas to bring back to the UK.

A massive thanks to Игорь Дмитрук (Igor Dmytruk) the lead coach and owner of Dmitruc Club for always welcoming me to train and coach.

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