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Overview of Codes

Sporting excellence and achievement are only achieved by participants and spectators through adherence to the highest moral, ethical and sporting standards.


Our underlying objective is to establish a safe, fair and inclusive sporting environment.

To achieve this ambition, we must continue to engage everyone in our sport and provide them with a safe, enjoyable, exciting and stimulating experience. The promotion of respect, good sportsmanship, high standards of behaviour and ethics are fundamental to achieving this objective. Our Codes of Conduct set out the standards and expectations that are applicable to every Member and Connected Participants.


The Code of Conduct for Members and Connected Participants is applicable to everyone involved with Total Taekwondo. This code is adapted and augmented depending on any additional roles undertaken by an individual and neither code should be read in isolation.

By becoming a member of Total Taekwondo in any capacity agreement to abide by the Code of Conduct is mandatary.

The purpose of a code is to clarify:

  • What behaviours are expected/acceptable and those that are unacceptable.

  • The standards of practice expected.

  • The basis of challenging and improving practice.

It is the responsibility of all Members and Connected Participants to understand Total Taekwondo’s standards and expectations under the Code of Conduct and to help ensure that the code is applied by all. If the Code is not upheld by members or connected participants. You or they may be subject to the discaplinary policy.

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