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Ascending the Ranks: A Glimpse into Taekwondo Gradings at Total Taekwondo

Total Taekwondo, a bastion of martial arts excellence, not only teaches the art of self-defence but also fosters personal growth, discipline, and a profound understanding of Taekwondo philosophy. Central to this journey of development are the gradings, a series of assessments that go beyond mere tests of physical prowess, unraveling the essence of each practitioner's dedication and progress. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at what Taekwondo gradings at Total Taekwondo entail and the transformative journey they symbolize.

The Journey Begins: White Belt (10th Kup)

The journey at Total Taekwondo commences with the humble white belt, symbolizing the innocence of the beginner and their initial ignorance of Taekwondo. At this stage, practitioners embark on a path of discovery, laying the foundation for the skills and values they will cultivate in the days to come.

Yellow Belt (8th Kup): Planting the Seeds of Taekwondo

As practitioners progress to the yellow belt, they metaphorically plant the seeds of their Taekwondo journey. Yellow represents the earth, signifying the roots that take hold and the foundations upon which the intricate art of Taekwondo is built. It's a stage where students start to grasp the essence of the martial art.

Green Belt (6th Kup): The Blossoming Plant

Green, the color of growth, becomes prominent as practitioners advance to the green belt. Just as a plant flourishes, so do the skills and understanding of Taekwondo continue to grow. At this stage, Total Taekwondo students witness the tangible results of their dedication and hard work.

Blue Belt (4th Kup): Reaching for the Heavens

Blue signifies the heavens above, and as practitioners reach the blue belt level, they aspire to new heights. The divine direction in which the plant is growing becomes evident, symbolizing the practitioner's alignment with higher principles and advanced techniques.

Red Belt (2nd Kup): Warning and Mastery

Red is a color of warning, signaling both the student and others of their capability for damage. As practitioners advance to the red belt, they not only master their techniques but also learn the responsibility that comes with advanced skills. This stage marks a pivotal point in the journey at Total Taekwondo.

Black Belt (1st Dan): Maturity and Mastery Over Darkness

Reaching the coveted black belt at Total Taekwondo is a testament to the practitioner's maturity and mastery over darkness. It goes beyond physical prowess, symbolizing a deep understanding of Taekwondo philosophy and a fearless attitude towards challenges.

Conclusion: Beyond the Belts

Taekwondo gradings at Total Taekwondo are not just assessments of physical abilities; they are windows into the character, discipline, and growth of each practitioner. Total Taekwondo's approach to gradings is a holistic one, emphasizing not only the acquisition of techniques but also the development of values that extend beyond the dojang. As practitioners ascend the ranks, they not only earn their belts but also internalise the essence of Taekwondo, transforming not just as martial artists but as individuals on a journey of continuous improvement and self-discovery.

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